Asymmetric DSX E-Tense

The concept of DSX E-Tense was first introduced in April, but did not climb the stage of the Beijing auto show. The premiere will take place live on October 2 in Paris, and in front of her lyrical description (“dream car and vision of luxury in 2035”) added physics. In July specifications indicate the power of 200 kW (272 HP), although before the French promised twice. Obviously, the front wheels now spins one motor, not two. Overbust to megawatt (1360 HP) is no more. Nevertheless, the acceleration to hundreds takes only 3.7 seconds, and the maximum speed-225 km / h. About the power reserve can only guess.

The basis of the electric car is a carbon monocoque. Suspension — double wishbones made of steel. Front and rear are four-piston brake calipers with ventilated discs with a diameter of 380 mm. Mich-Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (275/40 R22).

The cockpit and salon, we show for the first time. It is considered important that Maison Lemarié took part in the interior design, the virtual watch was made in the B. R. M. Chronographes, the premium audio system was installed by the company.

The car created a sports division of DS Performance and the team in Formula E. triple Embodies the concept of “two cars in one”. On the nose and tail of the machine are “light curtains” DS Light Veil, whose brightness is adjustable.

Still, nothing like what DS does, no one else does, and is not going to. The show car has a lot of nuances: the device in the form of a crystal, X-shaped steering wheel, intricate seats, dynamics-diamonds in the wooden front panel, strange pairing of materials, synthetic feathers and so on. And the French are not just forced to go concept, but also brought the power plant to reality. It could have been corny to show the layout.



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