Audi introduced a new sports car in the original body

Audi engineers have almost finished working on a completely new sports car that will replace the outdated R8 coupe. The presentation of the car took place on August 28 at the pebble beach festival (USA), however, even before the official premiere, the brand management shared with fans some details about the model.

The model was named PB18. Two divisions of the brand worked on its creation at once. The first division developed the design of the body (Malibu, USA), and the second division was engaged in the production of design and development of the engine.

It should be noted that this sports car received very rare and unusual form of a body under the name of a shooting break. The exterior of the novelty was created according to its own patterns of the brand using its own style. Windscreen model smoothly flows into the side, which creates a sense of the aquarium. The bow is decorated with a stylish grille and massive air intakes. In the back of the same picture stands out from the windshield and lights.

The dimensions of the German are as follows:

length-453 cm;
width-200 cm;
height — 1 150 cm.

The concept is moved by means of three electrical installations. The first engine is located on the front axle, and the other two electric motors were installed in the rear. The drive is exceptionally complete. Also, representatives of the company reported and indicators of engines-the return of each installation is 234 HP, and the total power of three electric motors — 764 horses.

Inside the new item there is a very interesting design. Now the driver can choose where his seat will be located (in the center or on the left), as the steering wheel, pedals and seat are combined in a separate unit. Technically, this result was achieved due to the fact that the steering wheel itself has no mechanical connection with the wheels, and the commands are transmitted by means of servos.

According to the leaders of the company Audi, PB18 sports car can be useful not only when driving on race tracks, but also as a car to move around the city. The novelty is not inferior to the characteristics of the standard wagon, for example, the volume of the Luggage compartment of the sports car is 470 liters with the standard layout of the seats.

On one charge the German will be able to overcome distances up to 498 kilometers. Also, the company’s management has made a special emphasis on the speed of charging the battery. When visiting a special station, the driver will have to spend only 15 minutes.


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