Battle of the Year! Jaguar F-Type vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Jaguar F-Type has so far occupied the niche of the loudest and wildest sports car, and if there is a crude cowboy capable of raising the degree of gasoline madness to a new level, then this is the Chevrolet Corvette. In our hands – the hottest versions of this couple: F-Type SVR and Corvette Z06, a total capacity of 1225 horsepower. So plug your ears and remove smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7 away from monitors – the next round of “Battle of the Year” begins.

He walks in the vicinity of Dorogobuzh, where the Smolensk Ring road is located, such a story. Once upon a time there was one hopeful boy, the son of respected parents, at Nikolina Gora in Rublyovka.

They stood in his garage Panamera GTS in a purple film and GT-R with a supercharged motor, but this time he drove Soho Rooms on his new wheelbarrow – a brand new Chevrolet Corvette Z06, turning off the habit of stabilization.

While the point is yes, the boy left the cottage village, a full tank of gasoline was over, but the boy went on refueling and went on. Zamekali on the horizon lights MKAD, and from the starts at the traffic lights worn to the cord rear tires, but the boy was driving.

Corvette Z06

Start dragging the “Corvette” on the tracks and between wagging machines, but the boy was driving. The rain fell on Moscow and the spray closed the entire review, but the boy was driving. It began to rain downpour, so much that the Daewoo Nexia driver was praying for the Almighty, but the boy was driving.

Since that day, no one has seen that boy. But, they say, rides on Fridays on the Savvinskaya embankment “Corvette” without numbers, and behind his wheel is a black guy, like a resin, asking about the girls where Soho Rooms are. And they just turn gray and are removed from Instagram.

Why this story? The truth is told by people: there is not in our battle another such machine that would combine such a scale of unfiltered fear and inconvenience with boundless and irrational admiration. You spent a day with a dinosaur from Jurassic Park and were still alive – is this not a reason for joy?

The plate on the front panel dryly sums up your emotions in mathematical terms: 650 American hp (659) and 650 foot-pounds (881 Nm), so that even with chronic deafness and dementia, you can not help but notice this warning.

If the Ferrari 488 GTB gives you exactly as much power as you can use, then the Chevy immediately brings down all the forces of hell, and you just try to catch it in the tornado for the flying chairs and the handle of the eight-speed automatic.

This “Corvette” is similar to a modern car with the character of supercars of the old school, who not only quickly drove, but also at the same time tried to kill you. Three seconds to a hundred, frantic slip on every gear – that’s why on the first day of dating I did not seem to have sold the gas pedal to the floor.

And the roar, like someone throws the TNT checkers into the final system. This is not simulated speakers audio system, as impossible to simulate sex or the proximity of imminent death.

These four exhaust nozzles in the rear bumper, reminiscent of the sewage pipes of a chemical plant, are by no means a sham.

And since you literally lie on the rear wheels – from the back of the seat to a couple of centimeters twenty – you feel well how the rear axle wags and grinds the asphalt for any significant pressure on the gas. And in what direction this pendulum of destiny will shake – depends only on the hardness of your nerves and driving skills.

Personally, for me, there is nothing pleasant in getting emotions from the adrenaline rush, but many people like to do selfie, strolling along the railing of the bridge, or jump from the tarp in the 338-meter tower. They “Corvette” just might be to their liking.

It seems, against the backdrop of snobbish Porsche and ornate Lamborghini, the Chevy should look like a village simpleton looking out the drive-in window, but the whole street is staring at it, and children with inherent immediacy open their mouths. How long have you seen the “live” machine Hot Wheels?

The design of the Corvette is deadly, and details like the transparent section of the rear spoiler are charming. In the same way would constructors of racing cars of the sixties do – they would fit something to the body with an immense and closing view, and then just cut through a hole.

But stopping at the parking of the Smolensky Ring, where our whole caravan of “Battle of the Year” is standing, my heart sinks from the sight of the blue Jaguar F-Type SVR. We went on a lot of versions of the F-Type and over the years, of course, it does not become more modern. But, like a real living classic, he only becomes more beautiful.

With the jaw of the developed bumper and wide thresholds Jaguar looks much more compact and shorter than the “Corvette”, but there is a charm of the thing in it, which nothing has to be proved by external effects and dimensions.

Only the cooling titanium exhaust causes the morning air to shake and reminds what clot of energy is hidden beneath this fitted body.

After the Chevrolet, which sinks like an Italian supercar, the higher SVR gives a virtually crossover feel, and the slits in the front panel, the soft filling of the suede handlebars and the quilted upholstery of the doors underscore the old school’s stupidity, when the nobility of materials was more important than narrow gaps.

The downgraded plastic quality of the Chevrolet interior contrasts the power of the General Motors empire, capable of delivering at least a small car, even a 650-strong supercar.

On the highway Z06 is so sensitive to the ruts and slopes of the road, which requires constant attention. And that’s why it looks like a car, from which you want to escape somewhere.

The F-Type also shakes, but it does not require so much attention and participation in the process. Here and the music can be found. Behind the wheel of “Jaguar” it is easy to relax even on a secondary path with poor coverage – after all, British village roads sometimes do not differ much from the state of our federal roads.

Corvette Z06, of course, can still recoup on the track, but the pitiful look of his rubber is not encouraging. It seems that the experiments of previous drivers left Z06 without a pattern on the tread. Even it is unclear how you can put the time of the circle when the rubber looks like Dima Bilan’s jeans, but from the Russian representative office of General Motors we were informed that it is specially welded for the “Corvette” Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. They are OK and they just need to warm up …

The steering wheel with simple, flat feedback is not interactive enough, but if you heat up the rubber, you will get a fantastic, endless, inexhaustible holder, as if the Chevrolet is a racing car with working aerodynamics. What rubber!

Rear-wheel drive Corvette on the background of the all-wheel drive “Jaguar” does not allow so early to open the gas, but hot tires better cling to the acceleration, so if you have the patience to wait for the right moment, then …

The level of acceleration, acceleration, roar and reinforced concrete braking will make anyone yelp shriek nine-year-old girl, who gave all the dolls Winx.

None of us expected that the wild “Corvette” will be on the track, not only analogous to roller coaster, but also take a niche of real track instruments. And not at the expense of cunning electronics, like the Porsche 911 Turbo, but due to the rapidly burning gasoline and abrasion rubber.

In the last running arc of the Smolenskaya route my cheeks slide to the back of the head from the level of overload, and the speed depends only on the degree of dementia and courage.

The roar of Jaguar, which until recently seemed devilish and loud, against the background of the excited “Corvette” looks like an intelligent coughing fist. Civilian Pirelli P Zero glide in corners, as if slipping on fried eggs. A landing allows you to fully experience the noticeable high-body roll.

You probably expect that due to the full drive the Jaguar will be more stable at the exit of the turns and on a fast arc, but nothing like this happens – even on braking the SVR wriggles and dances like an unbroken stallion.

If the Chevrolet with its rude effort on the steering wheel and a stunning mount is unequivocal in the turn as a locomotive, the Jaguar is surprisingly interactive, forcing to constantly operate the steering wheel and keep the situation under control.

You feel well how the center of mass moves from one wheel to the next in acceleration and braking, feel the drift and slip of the tires, constantly adjusting the trajectory as easy as a cup with English tea, a wheel.

SVR is controlled literally at your fingertips and constantly asks if you want to tuck in an easy turn or wag the rear axle, so that one of the most exciting and interactive sports cars comes out.

In addition, the F-Type is better tuned “automatic” – the British always knew this, but the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 tightens with switching and often resists the commands of the petals.

If he had a good preselektiv, then the degree of madness and speed could have risen a couple of points higher, although with such a motor under the hood you can drive fast even with the three-speed General Motors Powerglide box in 1964.

The main enemy of the Z06 is not even a box: Chevrolet enough three or four laps at a combat pace to overheat and demand to slow down to idle. Our editor Misha Kononchuk, who put time on all machines, now and then returned to the pits to cool the engine.

But on those few circles that managed to finish, Chevrolet still showed time 1: 41.8 against 1: 44.5 from Jaguar! A colossal break and at the same time a devilishly difficult choice of the winner.

Corvette Z06 is too straightforward and challenging – Jaguar is more refined and finely tuned, but if I had the opportunity to make one single circle on the Smolensk ring on one of the cars … I would not hesitate to choose Chevrolet.

Because it’s not a trip – it’s a challenge, adventure, adventure. Automobile Everest, which you must once conquer and then tell your grandchildren. And after that buy SVR and ride the track-days?

I am definitely a heart for the Jaguar, but if the F-Type SVR is truly a special and fascinating car, then the Corvette Z06 simply has no analogues in the automotive world.

This car has turned our ideas around at once about a lot of things: it has an extraordinary motor, an extraordinary sound, an extraordinary holder in turns. No one has yet raised the degree of insanity to such a height.

At the same time, with the onset of heat, you can remove from the Corvette the central section of the roof and carry your second half along the embankment without exhausting roar and accelerations. With nothing incomparable pleasure.

Z06, our new winner, gives a unique price-speed ratio and at the same time constantly keeps you on emotions, like a scarecrow from a pioneer camp. It’s good that I’ve never been to Soho Rooms, and it never rained from the sky.

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