Employees of the Polish Studio created a copy of the “Victory” on the basis of Ford Mustang

Specialists of the Polish Studio KHM Motors prepared and presented to the public a completely new project. We are talking about the car FSO Warszawa M20 in a special version, which was based on the popular American Ford Mustang of the current generation.

Representatives of the company have already talked about new items with journalists. They noted that the creation of KHM Motors designers were inspired by the licensed version of the Soviet GAZ M-20 “Pobeda”, the Assembly which took place in Poland from 1951 to 1973. At that time the car in the local market was called “Warsaw”.

The body of the Mustang wanted to bring as close as possible to the Soviet original, however, this version came to taste not all critics, and some did notice many similarities with the new Mercedes-AMG GT. We are talking about the rear optics and other elements of the body. Also, some of the parts were borrowed from the Chevrolet Camaro, however, that it is not reported.

Much more interesting appearance is the salon of the Polish novelties. All soft elements of the model were covered with natural leather of a pleasant milky shade. To the interior of the car did not seem boring, all the leather parts were further refined design touches, however, such inserts also relished not all critics. Also under a flurry of negativity and got a big screen on the center console. This element of salon many experts considered inappropriate, bulky and inconvenient.

Initially, to attract the attention of the public to the project, the leaders of the Studio KHM Motors said that this car was developed almost with the support of Ford, although this information was clearly denied by the leaders of the American brand. After a small scandal around the alleged approval, the management of the Studio decided to remove from its own official website absolutely all the information about any cooperation with Ford.

Also, initially it was assumed that the tuning version of the car will be collected only by pre-order. If the demand for the new product would be high, but the model was planned to bring in small-scale production. However, the scandal that broke out between the leadership of KHM Motors and the brand Ford shot down all the plans of the poles. Now the production of new items and does will be a big question. It is likely that the order it did not bring.

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