Jaguar is building a mid-engined supercar

Most of the leading car manufacturers have supercars in the product line, however, Jaguar is not among them, but is already working to correct the situation.

The first Jaguar supercar was the XJ220. It was presented in 1991 and cost 413 thousand pounds. His ideological successor was to be the CX75, equipped with a 778-horsepower hybrid powerplant, but due to the global economic crisis that began in 2012, the company abandoned the production of the supercar.

However, Jaguar was not going to abandon the intention to release a high-performance sports car and, as it became known to the publication Auto Express, the company is already working on a radical replacement of F-Type. Details are not yet disclosed, but the magazine reports that the model will receive a mid-engine layout, the name of J-Type and will be released on the market in 2022.

The future novelty of the Jaguar, is expected to create competition models of the high-end segment, including supercars McLaren. Top engineers working on the project told Auto Express that the performance of the car is comparable to Honda/Acura NSX.

It would seem a strange choice, because the NSX few people consider the standard among modern models in this segment, but the “Japanese” is the only hybrid in its class, namely such a power plant will have the J-Type. The publication reports that most likely it will be based on gasoline V6, which will be supported by at least two electric motors. That is, the car will have all-wheel drive and power from 550 HP

суперкар Jaguar будет, например, мощнее Audi R8, а еще сможет посоперничать с McLaren 570S.

Without a doubt, in the era of hypercars, the power of which is 1 000 HP and above, all this does not sound impressive, but the Jaguar supercar will be, for example, more powerful than the Audi R8, and still be able to compete with the McLaren 570S. But, let’s not “guess at the coffee grounds”, wait for more detailed information.




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