Mazda ” Show car Mazda RX-Vision will go into a series for the anniversary of the brand

The possibility of setting Mazda RX-Vision on the conveyor says and recently filed a patent application, which sets out the features of a new generation of Wankel motor.

The Mazda RX-Vision concept coupe, shown last year at the Tokyo auto show, recently attended the elegance Competition at Villa d’este. As it turned out, the show car was created in the form of a stylistic study and has no running gear. However, for those who already predicted the prototype serial future at the premiere, there is good news. Design Director of Mazda’s Kevin rice in conversation with the edition of Top Gear said: the company really wants to put dvuhdverka on the conveyor, since the enthusiastic reception of the audience exceeded all expectations. It can happen in 2020, when Mazda will celebrate its centenary. The likely model name — Mazda RX-9.

Knowledgeable people believe that creating a viable business case for this model to justify development costs will be difficult, but possible. Its a small niche in the market for a coupe you will find.

“At Villa d’este, we felt less like participants than guests, and were simply amazed at the reaction to RX-Vision. Everyone in the company loves this car, but the feedback from fans of the highest level at the competition shocked us in a good way, ” rice said. – Around there were classic Ferrari and Aston, we felt at ease, and everyone told us: nothing to worry about, just go and build this car, because it is so beautiful. In fact, the project is evolving, and when the world is ready to accept another rotary Mazda, we will present it.”

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