Porsche created a modern version of the iconic sports car

Covered with glory the Porsche 935/78 was nicknamed “Moby dick” in the late 70-ies of the last century. At a special event in California, Porsche introduced a brand new 935, which is very similar to the old one – but even a little weaker.

Externally, the new 935 distinctly stylized old (especially given the brand livery and an elongated stern), but the designers of the brand do not hide, and several other “quotes”. For example, the rear lights serve as a reference to limanowska 919, and the design of the ends of the exhaust system should associate with the Porsche 908 in 1968.

The new interior is, in fact, the interior racing car – extremely austere and replete with carbon fiber and Alcantara. Except digital instrument panel, the cabin of a sports car applied warney roll cage, removable steering wheel and restituzione seat belts. For the driver prepared racing “bucket” Recaro and the passenger seat will deliver for a fee.

The units and the basis for the construction of a new 935 mostly borrowed from the current generation 911 GT2 RS (991.2). The new 700-horsepower turbocharged oppozitnik a volume of 3.8 l and a 7-speed robot PDK with paddle “petals” and drive to the rear axle (the power of the engine of historical prototype sometimes up to 950 HP), the Dynamic characteristics of new items were not disclosed.

It is known that the Porsche 935 is equipped with a fully independent suspension, powerful brakes with separate circuits (380-mm discs and caliper in line at the front, 355 mm discs and chetyrehporshnevye caliper rear), wheels with Central nut, sprinkler system, and the like. Some body parts of a sports car made of carbon fiber, and the width of the wing is 1 909 mm with an overall width of the Porsche 935 2 030 mm and length 4 mm. 870

The new product is designed for sale to private customers, but they will have the opportunity to try new sports car only on the track during club racing or training on closed tracks. On public roads Porsche 935 is not allowed. The Germans are going to produce only 77 copies of the new products, making ourselves a gift for the 70th anniversary, and sell each at a price of at least 702 000 Euro. The first delivery is scheduled for June of next year.

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