Rich also beat: luxury “Mercedes” sank because of a failed selfie

Attempts to take a nice picture in an unusual place often held under the motto “dementia and courage”, and if in this equation appears the car – down the drain! Catch today’s release of two luxury Mercedes and one Ferrari.

German tourists in General are not known for carelessness on vacation, but this time something went wrong. Scuttled in the Adriatic sea expensive coupe “Mercedes” ended the attempt of the Germans to make a spectacular self on the island of Ugljan in Croatia.


Unfortunately, the published photos of the incident site Wrecked Exotics is not generous on details of the incident, so we can savor the details.

Apparently, the situation looked like this: young people tried to call in on a small pier to take a selfie, but the driver did not take into account the dimensions, or confused the gas pedal with the brake, but in the end, the Mercedes-AMG S 63 worth over 13 million roubles have been found in the sea.

The depths of the fall was enough to make the car completely went under water. And judging by the crumpled roof of the car and overturned in the process of falling. Was beautiful “Mercedes” became the usual clunkers. Although the main thing here is that none of the participants suffered.

The second “hero” today’s release only half drowned, and here’s the coincidence, is also a luxury “Mercedes”. The incident occurred somewhere in the United States, when the driver of the supercar Mercedes-AMG GT S has not coped with management, flew to the slope, along which lay the road and crashed into a tree. However, after that steep dive is not over, and the car ricocheted into the side of the lake. Disoriented motorist was unable to do anything, so the supercar pecking “nose” right in the lake.

And that’s not the worst scenario because the escape procedure is fully flooded machines would be long, costly and complicated. In addition, the damage in the pictures do not seem so critical, and be Mercedes-AMG GT S (in Russia worth 9 million rubles) it’s a sin not to restore for further use.

The third episode occurred in Estonia and also associated with reckless driving a supercar – the owner of a Ferrari F430 lost control and flew into a ditch. The driver managed to find the deepest ditch in the County and in the pool to drown his Ferrari, which rolled over several times.

In this case, injury is not done – the driver and passenger were taken to hospital, although their life is not in danger. It is argued that beushnye Ferrari was bought just 2 weeks before the incident.

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