Supercar Genesis Essentia

Recall that Essentia was an electric car. The developers did not name the return of the engines, but they provided data on acceleration from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) — three seconds.

The concept of Genesis Essentia, shown in March, was presented only as an experiment and the basis of the future DNA of the brand. However, the positive reaction of the public led the company to the idea to launch such a machine in the series. On this edition of Motor Trend said Erwin Raphael, Executive Director of the Genesis North America.

The production version of the car will be quite good to repeat the appearance of the show car, but most likely, the developers of the coupe will abandon the lifting doors in favor of simple wing flaps.

The head of the company Manfred Fitzgerald confirmed the feasibility of the idea, saying that all the technical filling in the concept was quite suitable for replication, and not purely conceptual. Of course, Essentia will be collected in a very small print run, and it will be the most expensive Genesis. However, the car can be bought. According to Manfred, such a model can be published in 2021 or 2022.

One of the next premieres: a new generation of Genesis G80 sedan. The car will be presented next year (probably in January). According to the motor range of the new product will be similar to its predecessor, but in addition we expect a hybrid version.

Recall that in the plans of Genesis not only updates or new generations of machines, but also the creation of fundamentally new ones. So, by the end of 2019, we can see the big crossover Genesis GV80, the serial embodiment of the same concept. It will go on sale in 2020. a year after it will be released mid-size SUV GV70, on the chassis of the Genesis G70 sedan. Later have realized the dream of a Genesis coupe, and a long-term solution, according to prepared indexes, the planned compact SUV GV60.

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