Tesla Model T is already in the network

Just recently, the world wide web got the first render with an Amateur image of an American Quad car called Tesla Model T. it is Worth noting that these photos were on the Internet by accident, and the company’s management has not yet given any comments on its new products. Only one thing is known that the flying model from the manufacturer from the United States of America will be fundamental in the whole field of automotive industry.

Of course, at the moment in the network there is almost no official data on the new Quad, but this is not surprising, because the model is only under development. However, some sources already report the approximate dimensions of the new item. They look like this:

body length-487 cm;
height-152 cm.

Of course, these figures are only approximate. In addition, some of them are simply missing, for example, there is no information about the platform, as well as the width of the body of the Quad.

It should be noted that only some car companies are engaged in the development and production of Quad cars. This is a very narrow and young specialization, the demand for which has not yet been sufficiently studied. Despite the hard work of specialists and engineers, all manufacturers still show only prototypes and sketches of their creations. No brand has not yet started serial production of so-called flying cars. According to critics, there are a lot of reasons, and the main problem is that for the conclusion of a series of Quad cars, the company needs to issue a special flight license. How this issue will be solved by the American company Tesla, has not yet been reported.

What kind of control system will be equipped with the new Tesla Model T, is also not clear. Some critics are simply convinced that the new Quad will be equipped with a fully Autonomous control system that will work exclusively on Android. Frankly speaking, if this is true, then such a decision is a little strange for the American manufacturer, because in this country the iOS system is more popular than Android. But, despite all the assumptions, all the plans of the company can still change dramatically. After all, the network was presented only a prototype of a flying model,and judging by what it is now, before the serial production it will not soon.


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