To undress the dude: all the secrets of the cheapest Porsche

Avtovesti went to showdown – discussed in minute detail the new Porsche Boxster. In the best traditions of folklore Porsche novelty “and anointed, and showed”, but the taste it promised to give later. But now we have to screw know what we have to deal with!

A team of Porsche engineers are men of respectable, aged, and somehow a bit similar to some of the heads of departments of a typical Russian plant. The other drummers of the Soviet school, which neither sneeze – five-year plan in four years. This fact could have been ignored if not for one caveat: these engineers worked on the creation of the new Porsche Boxster 718. And this is a car that, while remaining purebred German, brought up the notorious bully-dunce and need some essentially only to obtain pleasure from control.

To see this creation of a serious, gray-haired uncles was possible only partly – the wheel in the course of the presentation of the car is not allowed. But ride passenger! Six black Porsche Boxster 718. Appearance – exactly the same pre-production copies, black color, without badges, Porsche and bubbling film on the headlights. Five of them – in a more powerful S version, and only one – in the basic version. Where not specified. Can you guess which one I got? Right. Today is definitely not the day Beckham.

“And you’re lucky” – ironically comforting test pilot. And do not argue! Although it is not so important – still I ride passenger. A full test drive will be in a few months.

“Drove the car in a rocking chair,” the designers describe the changes that have occurred with the car. The Roadster increased its muscles became prizemia, stronger and a little meaner. This is especially noticeable on the rear part 718 Boxster.

However, a generous dose of adrenaline and gives the base 718, especially when driving, though sarcastic, but a professional test pilot. To judge on personal experiences, of course, is better after a personal acquaintance with the machine, but two basic facts about the new “Boxster” I have learned. First, it’s fast. Second, it is phenomenally stable and controllable. To demonstrate the first factor, the pilot slammed my head into the chair the launch control. To prove the second, jerked his steering wheel at speeds of 240 km/h.

Don’t need a day to teach physics or to watch compilation of accidents on Youtube to sensibly assess the classic versions of the end of such test-drive, from a lamppost to the “ears” on the side. But in the case of the Boxster it is not so: only on the third relaying Roadster a bit of unwinding, but these are the beginnings of the Apocalypse will immediately and gently strangling stabilization system. You just have to sit back and feel as blood walks over the head from side to side and your face shimmering like the smoked cuttlefish.

But this time we are not talking about impressions, and about what this clocked the same engineers that such impressions were so bright.

In the name of the Targa Florio and James Dean

The design of the new Boxster Porsche 718 is a manifestation of the devil lies in the details. At first it seems that the Roadster only corrected optics Yes refreshed interior, but actually from the previous generation remained the only engine compartment lid, fabric top and the windshield – the rest of the details re-created. At the same time, the car remained recognizable a hundred percent – it’s still the same mid-engined sports Roadster with a characteristic shape that was 20 years ago.

The same Porsche 718 RS 60 is the winner of the 12 hours of Sebring and race in the Targa Florio 1960

Your index 718 Boxster got no wonder: just dandy Roadster car turned into a modern high-tech greetings from the great past. 718 is a racing model, which in 1957 replaced the model 550 Spyder and in different versions pretty well competed in different racing competitions including Formula 1. It looked at her designers, creating a silhouette of the new “Boxster” – for example, the shape of the wings sculpted with an eye on a modification of the RS 60.

The housing of the headlights became a bit wider at the bottom – again, visually it gives the car a certain solidity and width. By default, Farah ordered the Bixenon, and optional headlights with four-point daytime light – a new “trick” of Porsche design, which has already appeared on the 911, Panamera and Cayenne.

So now the Boxster is a nod to the era of the “roaring fifties and the sixties,” the aesthetics of the rounded, aerodynamic bodies, rock-and-roll and James Dean. What James mentioned designers, talking about appearance 718 Boxster: Dean was a racing enthusiast and a fan of the Porsche brand. He died driving a Porsche 550 Spyder – the fault of a guy named Donald Turnspeed, who pulled up on his Ford Custom Tudor directly in front of the car Dean.

Interior upgrades also have been quite restrained, but tasteful. Updated the top of the front panel, and is responsible for the multimedia component available already in the base Porsche communication management Communication Management.

Steering wheel design borrowed from the “donut” hypercar 918. In the basic version, its diameter is 375 mm, and the proposed optional the wheel of the GT with a diameter of 360 mm. For all rudders as options offers a heated unit and multifunction buttons.

So only me and Michael Jackson

In General, a new motor gamma – typical episode of the global age transition on low-volume engines. They say that even the 1.5-liter Turbomotor on any “five” BMW has all the chances of the emergence. For those who evaluates the status of the vehicle including the “pots” and liters, it is mutually exclusive paragraphs. However, the “Boxster” in this situation was in a much better position: a lightweight compact Roadster small boosted engine has to fit like a glove. So, what do we have?

Instead of engine volume of 2.7 liters and 3.4 “Boxster” allocated two-liter boxer turbo package milk and its more powerful 2.5-liter variation (fantasy Housewives – effective packaging and all that). The engine power reaches 300 and 350 HP respectively, that is, the engines are more powerful at 35 HP. to Disperse hundreds from two-liter versions with PDK transmission and Sport Chrono package takes 4.7 seconds (0.8 seconds faster than the last base model). 2.5-liter Boxster (this modification is called S) is gaining first hundred in 4.2 seconds.By the way, boxer four-cylinders Porsche has decided to return for the first time in 40 years – prior to this latest Porsche model with this engine configuration was 912 E.

Torque 2-liter version of the Boxster reaches 380 Nm in the range 1950 to 4500 rpm. This 100 Nm longer than the base of one of the previous generation and the largest increase of torque in the model’s history, in principle.

Porsche engineers claim that the boxer engine for light sport Roadster – just what the doctor ordered: the cylinders are arranged horizontally, so the center of gravity of the obtained low. Also, it is balanced by the force of inertia, which affects the smoothness of operation and the short crankshaft is allowed to make the motor very compact.

Engines “Boxster” differ not only in the volume of the turbocharging system they have is also different. In the case of the basic version of this is the standard scheme with conventional turbocharger and the wastegate, but S is already used supercharger with variable turbine geometry. The only production car with a gasoline engine that used this technology, was a senior Porsche 911 Turbo last generation. Now a private club and invited “Boxster”, and later it will get coupe and the Cayman.

The optional Sport Chrono package offers four integrated driving modes – Normal, Sport, Sport+ and Individual. On models with the PDK robot this package is complemented by a Sport Response function (the button in the center “krutilki” that photo). This button for 20 seconds, the vehicle enters the maximum combat readiness of the responses of the engine and transmission are extremely sharp.

Due to the variable geometry range the most effective turbocharging is expanding – full motor works at low speed (when the turbine blades are covered), and “on top” of the blade fully open.

In stock and brand new feature from Porsche called the Sport Response – a short-term transfer of the power unit in the most efficient mode. Debuted this feature on the new 911, and now it has received 718 and Boxster (in the near future will receive the new Cayman). When it is enabled, the bypass valve closes, the boost pressure rises, and transmission (Sport Response is only available for versions with the Sport Chrono package and PDK robot) switches to a lower gear and goes to sports algorithm shifts, pushing the cutoff up to max.All this allows the motor to go faster at the maximum capacity of such a function, according to engineers, useful when, for example, to quickly overtake. All this takes the magic 20 seconds, then the car returns to the to the selected driving mode.

The new motors used the same technology as in Peterborough six-cylinder engines of the 911 Carrera. For the most efficient combustion of the answer centrally located injectors, fuel pump “pushes” up to 250 bar. As the intake and release are the camshafts with adjustable phases. On the cylinder walls caused the iron coating to reduce frictional losses and reduce the consumption of fuel and oil.

For sensitive response of the engine is another interesting feature, called Dynamic Boost. If the driver during acceleration “pedal to the floor” briefly take your foot off the gas pedal, the system will interrupt the flow of fuel, but the throttle just in case I will hold it open – this allows you a little to aggravate the reaction of the motor to re-flow of gas.

Cooling of the whole matter indirectly involved air, which enters through the side inlets and fills the cylinders. The intakes are installed radiators, which circulated the coolant of the additional cooling circuit. This circuit is closed the heat exchanger is mounted above the motor and cooling pumped into the cylinders air.

A quick gait, look mad

The Porsche Boxster engine 718 now four points of support instead of three as before: in the back it stands on the pillars of the gearbox, and the front has two hydraulic mounts with controlled stiffness. The rear transverse support is mounted on the subframe. The shock absorbers increased the piston diameter and the tubes, they have also become tougher. In the basic version 718 Boxster is equipped with front suspension with excess return springs in the housings of the dampers. They need to ensure that the front wheels are not unloaded during sudden acceleration and not lose traction.In addition, according to engineers, this improves the cushioning on the bumps.

The proposed optional advanced adaptive suspension PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management). For the 2-liter version of the Boxster, its settings allow you reduce the ground clearance by 10 mm, for version Boxster S – all 20 mm.

All of a tough and adaptive, 718 Boxster was cornering much better. As a shared test driver, for the Roadster, is rather neutral, understeer, and engineers predict that on the North loop newcomer will bring to the predecessor, not less than 16 seconds and can argue with the extreme Cayman GT4

Steering is sharper – he steering gear was borrowed from the model 911 Turbo and “finished” under the 718 Spyder. By the way, brake mechanisms partly went to “Boxster” is also from the older brother on the front axle use four-piston calipers from the 911 Carrera. Diameter front brake discs are 330 mm rear 299 mm.

Finally, it is worth noting system Porsche Stability Management, which in combination with the Sport Chrono package has an additional Sport mode. This mode, as we are assured in the Porsche, let even the most ambitious and steep drivers to get close to the limit of their capabilities, not even fully disabling the stabilization (although disabling the stabilization is possible). The algorithm of PSM allows you to go as deep drifts with a strong slip of the driven wheels.

Although, judging by the exponential-in, the Boxster is still an ardent supporter of accurate trajectories and “rail” stability in cornering – running the test-the pilot car was up side are extremely reluctant. Although to judge about it, not having been behind the wheel, it would be rash, so the story is about a character handling Boxster Porsche 718 will leave for later – we’ll get to that as soon as yourself drive.


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