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Playboys around the globe, not to mention the Arab sheikhs, it is my duty to keep in the garage at least one compartment for the transportation of yourself, a loved one, or paired with a clone of leggy Adriana Sklenarikova. One swipe and the roof of the car disappears into the bowels of the trunk, and the eye of the public appears all the amazing inner world of auto… and your selfishness. The strongest feeling from the driver of the sports coupe – the sense of human jealousy of others towards him. Yes, it is to him, and not to the vehicle.Contours of the machine can be delighted, bewildered, her Hyper-speed, envy is tearing the asphalt the moment, but the cruel attacks of envy surrounding feel sitting behind the wheel man.
Automobile manufacturers know all about men drawn to anything beautiful and apart-independent, and therefore indulge the desires of the stronger sex. Any self-respecting company has in the Arsenal, if not the absolute sports car, squeezing out the speed as an electric juicer for fresh orange, the charged version of the civilian car. Cars behind the scenes are divided into several classes: “hot” hatchback Ford until road ipermestra McLaren F1. Between these extremes there are several groups competing machines.The choice of the consumer depends only on the thickness of the purse. Budget coupe Honda Prelude or Koenigsegg over a half a million American units. In the first option get a great donor for the extrusion of strangled Japanese motors for more strength, but to the Swedish 390 km/h you will never go fast. I can admire all-wheel drive Toyota Celica GT-Four and her sixteen suspension arms, but to perfection cornering the Porsche Carrera GT3 the Japanese still have a lot of sleepless nights.

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However, there is a fact: the lower the class, the more the fight for the top step of the podium and a greater choice for the consumer. Take a car with engine volume of two liters and a price to one and a half-two million roubles – eyes run up: Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Volkswagen Golf GTi, Ford Focus ST, Mitsubishi Evo Lanсer, Skoda Octavia RS, Audi RS-4. Still a bit of digging – and you can qualify for a BMW M3 or a Jaguar XK-R. And want to be exclusive – you can go to the secondary market and in the same amount not to refuse to itself in the Porsche 911 Turbo, BMW Alpine B12 or Nissan Skyline GT-R.Increasing degree of speed, acceleration and pathos entails an increase in prices exponentially. But it is necessary to distinguish between sports cars, which are parked outside the casino in Monte Carlo, from those that actually can “get away” on a mountain road from the rocket of a class “earth-earth”.
The smallest class modified cars and the only segment of the automotive market, named in honor of a particular model. As the founder of avtoklin, Golf is not far behind and on the sports field. Rally, race track, “ring” rarely pass without a fight “people’s car” and more “adult” machines. In General, a charged version of civilian products – it’s not a specially prepared sports car, but rather a free interpretation on the theme of very fast movement, coupled with the comfort for the driver, passenger and cucumber seedlings. VW Golf VR6, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Toyota Starlet GT….As a rule, the prefix GT indicates the transition of a simple car in the category of formidable ammunition to “popping” with a traffic light and shift of tectonic plates at the start. Mind you, it was all sedans or hatchbacks. To understand this class enough to see the WRC – Rally world championship, and it will be clear who rules the roost and to what dealer to go.

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In a small class, almost no body type coupe. The best form for a very quick family car is considered a hatchback. Opposition to popular belief were Japanese: Toyota MR-2, Honda Prelude, Toyota Celica, Nissan Silvia and Mazda the MX-series – they all have the coupe. They too, though with some exaggeration, referred to the most numerous class. The similarity in the volume of the engine, the cocky character of the car, the abundance of titles in Japanese, and world touring car Championships.
In a special account are the cars Honda. In honour of the charged versions: Type-S and Type-R And Civic are grateful to St. Petersburg residents, all arranged touring car championship, unfortunately, now deceased. Toyota MR-2, Mazda MX-5, Nissan Silvia is the only one of all the brethren have the drive on the rear axle and near perfect weight distribution. And “amerca” considered something like a Japanese Ferrari, the motor is only 1800 cubic cm In a world of “high knee socks” has French Peugeot 206 GTi and Citroen Xsara, not gained much recognition in the sports car market, but fulfills “all the money” in the WRC championship.
In this class you can shove some coupes and roadsters. They cost a little more than filling the engine compartment Skyline GT-R, well, and ride accordingly – budget, you know. Division-class Golf can be safely sent inexpensive but stylish coupe Hyundai Coupe and convertible Peugeot 307СС. The whims of car God – beautiful 307 CC rides much worse than you expect from the money spent on it. But in 24 seconds (until one gets to the roof) to have time to tidy yourself and a girlfriend after a passionate kiss.Retiring here is Mercedes CLK and BMW Z4 – just nice and beautiful car. Housewives and the wives of the businessmen love these models.
Someone likes it hot
The following class is the most numerous among the representatives and branches. You can include luxury sports cars, as close to extreme, but adapted for frequent use. These machines are fast and uncompromising, with special training to manage them are required. The main thing – that on his shoulders was the head. But in the charged version without a helmet, four-point belt and the icon of St. Nicholas is better not to sit down. The trendsetter here is a Porsche in all its manifestations. Starting from the “budget” Boxster and ending with the Cayenne Turbo.No wonder one of the most honorable body of the Championships is the name of Porsche. The German company started out as a racing unit. The construction in 1936 the first company AutoUnion racing Type 22 was the beginning of the dynasty. Transformed later in a Porsche, the company was engaged in the release of the full classical two-door coupe. Record a quick version of the Porsche Carrera GT3 accelerates to “hundred” in 3.9 seconds and is a fixture on podiums, rallies and various races. The car became the winner of the marathon “Paris-Dakar”, “24 hours of Le Mans”, etc.The most flexible marketing policy – also the Germans. Where else can you meet the price range from EUR 50 000 for the simple Boxster Spyder to unlimited heights in a busy or Cayenne GTS?

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On bodies – the same song. Coupe, Targa, cabriolet, Spyder, off-road, in the end, all that your heart desires. By the way, we intentionally go around such brands as Mercedes and BMW for a number of reasons, not allowing them to appear in our list. The first, the second not released a full-fledged sports car, and use the services of court tuning Studio AMG, Brabus, Hamann and Alpina. SLR stuttgarta and M-Series do not count, because it is a special case and in our list they appear as exceptions, but not as the founding fathers.No, it’s a great car – powerful and extremely fast, but tell me, you turn your head to the side a BMW M5 or still following a Porsche Carrera S?
Speed advantages with the Germans argue the legendary Japanese sports car –Nissan Skyline GT-R. Cult car enthusiasts, drag racing was never released with the “left” wheel, and therefore even more valuable. In the specification of the car just two engines – a 2.6 twin-turbo, and specially “ground” under the Japanese touring car championship GT-R M-type – a 2.8 twin turbo. In standard, this engine produces 280 HP (manufacturers had deliberately understated the data because these are the harsh Japanese laws), but with a small intervention it is easy to remove 600 HPSalt this machine in the motor and amazing ride qualities. From the electronic “bells and whistles” on the “sky” is worthy of the attention system Attessa and Hicas, all-wheel drive system with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch and transfer box, and the system polnopravnym wheels (4WS). None of the pedestal ring, the Japanese championship was not without Skyline. But to compare a Porsche and a Nissan is incorrect – machines created for the implementation of different ideas, although they are on the same level of training.To compare “Japanese” can with his three compatriots – the Toyota Supra RZ, Mitsubishi GTO (in Europe 3000 GT SL) and Honda NSX. They are all outstanding representatives of a galaxy of Motorsport, but with a slight bias in… consumer goods.
These machines are more suitable lovers with the effect to leave a traffic light or drive past beautiful girls, winking at them pointedly. Is that the NSX has an annular roots, and his version of the NSX-R is one of the most expensive Japanese cars. Fans of exotic car you can look at to the Mazda RX-8. At a relatively low price of the car, the impact is enormous. A very expressive form in the form of the incident on the island waves and the unusual rotary engine will attract the attention of others. And internal gloss in the car enough.
Back to Europe – there is a lot of interesting cars in the biggest GT-class.
It insists the transfer of Top Gear, the most beautiful and balanced cars are available in England. Jaguar, Aston Martin, TVR, Lotus, Morgan, Caterham – if you these names do not say anything, continue reading the next section. About reliability of cars with Albion’s said a lot, but the main factor in the purchase of “sir” from the UK still their appearance. And rivals they have a few: throughout Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic it is hardly possible to gain the same amount of powerful and stylish cars.Let horsepower competitors can outdo “the British”, but on the exterior with them can compete only the Italians, are presented in the following GT segment. Why “next segment”? Of course, Ferrari has a decent answer to Albion – 360 Modena or F355, but they are not rivals. If “English” is reserved and laconic, like a true gentleman, “the Italians” is substantially expressed expression, which they seem to fall into different classes. There is a fast, beautiful, stylish English cars and there sverhusiliya Italian.
Back on the island Elizabeth. Jaguar, Aston Мartin produce approximately equal power cars, the exception is slightly different the concept of interior decoration. Both companies are owned by Ford, because the outside influence with a pinch, but that will not do to “stay afloat”. “Cat” the company is focused more on the issue of Executive sedans and only a small part of the effort spent on the development of a compartment that they are able – coupe XK-R created a furor among fans of fast GT-Suite. Aston Martin, on the contrary, most of the money spent on the issue supercoupe.Having started its activity with the manufacture of agricultural machinery and tractors, at the moment, Aston is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury GT coupe. All models are referred to by the abbreviation DB with a numeric index after the owner of the company in the 1940’s David brown. The Aston Martin conquer Le Mans, and movies about James bond. Wildly popular but eventually faded away. In the 1990s, after the purchase by Ford of a controlling stake, the situation has improved.The new models DB7 DB9 and V8 engines redesigned and installed the compressors, allowing power to reach 557 HP! And in 2000 saw the light of day Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Only 300 of the Nouveau riche will be able to drive it into your garage.

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Morgan, Lotus and Caterham stand out in a series of English sports cars. The last two companies have created cars with the participation of the great designer Colin Chapman, and after his death almost went into a ditch. Produce small cars with small engine size, but the elephant increased power density of 400 horsepower per ton was not so profitable. Machine went bad due to complete lack of comfort. Suspension was not that independent, and sovereign nation that is not subordinate to the overall oscillation of the body, and fought to the death.But this design provided unrivalled cornering and excellent directional stability. As for Morgan, even today, the firm continues to pursue the concept of manufacturing vehicles with a body frame made of ash. However, the Aero 8 with the inward-looking headlights and a filling similar to the filling of the house of bill gates has become one of the most expensive cars in its class.
The answer to the monopoly of the British was only a Maserati. But not everything is smooth. Past successes of downtown Indianapolis, Modena and Le Mans is forgotten, and the new Quattroporte sedan has not yet managed to win the sympathy of the public. Executive sedan went on the warpath in the same class as M-B S-Klasse and BMW 7-Series. After winning all-some possible titles in Motorsport Maserati has announced his retirement from big races and the intention to focus on the release crazy sports car “custom”. With Alejandro De Tomaso, the Italian company has become a worthy competitor to Ferrari and Lamborghini.But developments of the last engine passed with rivals from Maranello. Now Maserati has focused on the FIA GT championship.
On the other side of the earth are people, too, who are not less Europeans, and sometimes more Russians love fast driving – Americans. In the Arsenal of carmakers of the New world, there are several impressive sports cars – uncompromising and terribly uncomfortable. This is a Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette, and their unofficial leader – the Ford GT. Huge V-shaped swinging engines with turbos, superchargers and other engineering refinements disperse the cars are not worse than a military fighter. Cherished acceleration to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds and the herd of 400 wild Mustangs – usual for the Yankees.Almost all the above cars are suitable for everyday driving, and therefore was in the “medium” class of our GT-classification. Of worthy for inclusion in the list can also be noted TVR English, Dutch Spyker Chevrolet Camaro, Audi TT, and perhaps the Nissan 300 ZX.
In the last segment presents sverhtermicheskoy – how at the technical component and cost of each instance. To use for everyday driving such machines is impossible. After a few hours spent driving, you have taken away the leg responsible for the clutch pedal, biceps clogged due to the lack of the steering amplifier, and the eye will no longer perceive static objects, turning everything around in a crazy kaleidoscope.

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Considered classics of the genre all the same Ferrari due to the long term of on the sports car market and ideal of all models. Enzo Ferrari, creating in 1939 the company to produce cars for sale, did not know that in a couple of decades of his offspring will almost single-handedly rule the roost in the market of exclusive and expensive sports cars. Infringement comfort for the benefit of hurricane dynamics and controllability has become one of the design principles of the Italian “stallions”.Mille-Miglia, Targa Florio, “24 hours of Le Mans”, Tourist Trophy – the honorary titles won by Ferrari for its hall of fame. Each model is a true work of art like no other, on any of them legendary. Ferrari is one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. No wonder even Eddie Irvine, a former pilot of the “Scuderia”, often joked: “I Have a Ferrari, but it I ever ruin. One replacement brakes need $ 16,000!” Iconic models of all times and peoples considered:
model 250 GT of 1954, developed together with Studio Pininfarina;
– 410 Super America was released edition of just 14 copies;
Daytona or 365 GTB/4, with the front-mounted 4.4-litre V-shaped 12-cylinder engine capacity of 352 HP, can reach speeds of 282 km/h;
– fast Testarossa with the 512 BB engine with a power of 390 HP,
– F40, eight cylinders which developed 478 HP, the hull was made from carbon fibre and Kevlar, and the seats were not regulated; and the latest brainchild, named in honor of the Creator
The Ferrari Enzo, the most powerful production car at the time of its release, 12-cylinder engine produces 650 HP, acceleration to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. a sold edition of 349 copies exclusively for Ferrari clients.
The other arch of the Ferrari in the shop is Lamborghini owned by Audi which in turn is the property of Volkswagen AG. Classic coupe with a capacity of at least 250 HP, produced since 1963, won a piece of the pie Ferrari. Although it is suspected that Ferrari owners always find in the garage and the Lambo. Along with the “bulls” came, and the door-the guillotine, dubbed labo-door, the Lamborghini name has become synonymous.Ferrucio, Lamborghini proved to the world that Ferrari can compete, and its own methods – speed, complete lack of comfort, and over-the-top pathos. In 1965, debuted one of the best models in the history of sports cars, classics, – with the Lamborghini Miura mid-engine layout and design for a million dollars. Miura sold 800 pieces, and popular around the world. Six years later the sensation was Countach – Central layout of the engine power 365 HP, which shook a speed of 300 km/h.The GT class was very popular, and Lambo on the wave of demand has launched a Espada. The car was sold ten years and sold thousand copies. Attempts to create the SUV failed, and Lambo returned to its customary path. With the help of chief designer of the company Giampaolo Dallara established bestsellers Countach 5000 QV with 455 HP power and became the most famous Diablo. In 2001 replaced the Diablo came a new model – the Murcielago. Comfort and spaciousness are added to it, as well as power.Murcielago delivers 580 forces and speeds of 330 km/h, but the comfort for these machines is a relative term. The main thing that they went for all the money spent.
The Volkswagen group also has in its possession, and the French brand Bugatti, which produces extremely racing and exclusive cars. Ettore Bugatti knew what to do, even while living in the early twentieth century. Using only advanced revolutionary technology, in 1924, he created the legendary Type 35 GP model with a maximum speed of 190 km/h! Participating in various events almost till the beginning of the Second world war, she won a thousand victories. However, the decline in demand for manual Assembly and sky-high prices triggered the decline and almost the collapse of the Bugatti.However, at the end of the 1980s, the name brand has emerged along with the model EB110 and the charged version of the EB110 SS, and then there was the VW Group and Fabrizio Giugiaro… Fiberglass coupe EB118, EB218 aluminum, EB 18/3 Chiron supercar with a top speed of 300 km/h and for a snack the most powerful and expensive in the world at the moment, the Bugatti Veyron with the W16 engine capacity of 1001 HP and cost a million dollars!
And the most extreme sports car in the world is considered of McLaren. Based on the technology of Formula 1, it fully justifies its cost – 530 000 pounds! The engine capacity of 6.1 liters, with a capacity of 550 HP and a weight of only 1018 kg allow you to get a huge return. The maximum speed of the McLaren F1– 386 km/h. Fit to place the wiper blades inside the cabin.
There’s a lot of sports cars. Of nearest rivals Ferrari and Lamborghini need to allocate the Pagani Zonda and De Tomasso, Venturi, Noble and last troublemaker Konigsegg.
I grow…
There are a lot of fast, very fast and damn fast machines. What will the honor of being installed as a Wallpaper on your desktop? They are all beautiful, the roads, and sometimes it seems that if it would be possible to exchange the wife on the machine, then, honestly, a couple times I would. I would start with the Nissan Skyline with an extra turbine HKS KAI 56 and would Ferrari F40 with its captivating star branded discs and missing the left rear view mirror. The second half will have to wait. Years still grow.

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