Scania of new generation has again won the title GreenTruck

The European carriers very much highly appreciate in cars low fuel consumption along with environmental friendliness and the maximum average speed as they can keep emissions of CO2 and expense under control. Models of Scania of new generation with the improved 13-liter engine have ensured a victory to the producer again. Have reported about it to the portal of a cargo transportation Transinfo in the press service of Scania.

This year for the award Green Truck with big advantage I have won against the tractor of Scania a competition R 500. The lead of Scania from the closest rival has made impressive 0,4 liters on each 100 km, at average values of fuel consumption of 24,92 l / 100 km and the speed of 79,91 km/h on the standard test route 350 km long. An annual run of the main tractor in 150 000 kilometers where the difference makes up to 600 liters in a year or about 3 CBM of the diesel in five years.

In 38 countries of Europe of Scania ustanovilatoplivny records in comparative tests which were organized by independent trade publications: “Truck of the Year 2017” in Europe at the IAA exhibition in Hanover, “The truck of year in Russia 2018” at the COMTRANS/17 exhibition, “Sustainable Long Haulage Truckofthe Year 2017” and “Sustainable Distribution Truck of the Year 2018” in Italy, GreenTruckAward 2017 in Germany. Besides, trucks of new generation have twice won the comparative test of the trucks “1000 Point Test”, having got in 2018 the record number of points – 954,5 of 1000 possible.

“The award Green Truck is unique as it is entirely devoted to the aspects of commercial vehicles, most significant for customers — from operation cost to environmental friendliness. The fact that we have again received such award, demonstrates superiority of Scania in these areas” — Wolfgang Buschan, the chief product officer for the main transportations of division of trucks of Scania says.

The award Green Truck is founded by two leading trade magazines of Germany: Verkehrs Rundschau and Trucker. The purpose of the German journalistic test — to reveal trucks with the lowest fuel consumption. Trucks with a full weight of road train of 40 tons participate in the comparative test. Tests are carried out according to own regulations of editions on public roads on the site between Munich and Nuremberg. At the same time for all test cars rated additional loading is used that allows to receive the results corresponding to real operation. Low fuel consumption not only allows to lower operational expenses, but also to reduce emissions of CO2, promoting preservation of the environment.

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