Terms of emergence of Tesla Model 3 with the four-wheel drive became known

It turns out that Tesla will release all-wheel drive execution of the most available model at achievement of certain conditions.

As the head of the company Elon Musk in the has written twitter account, answering questions of subscribers, Tesla plans to release all-wheel drive modification of the Model 3 electric vehicle when the indicator of production of five thousand cars a week is reached.

The businessman has also reported the forecast – if everything goes according to the plan, the company will manage to come to such output by July of the current year. Then extension of the list of the equipment and options of the car which introduction at this stage would reduce dynamics of growth of assembly will begin.

Now Model 3 presented in the summer of 2017 is available in two versions – Standart and Long Range – both rear-wheel and are equipped with one engine. The “standard” option is capable to overcome 354 km on one charging, dispersal from the place to 100 km/h takes 5,6 seconds, and “maksimalka” – 210 km/h. The course stock at the second option makes already 499 km, a set of first “one hundred” requires 5,1 seconds, and the maximum speed is 225 km/h.

By the way, two-engined Tesla Model 3 already came across alive to photospies – 19 corresponding VIN codes have been registered by the producer in National administration of traffic safety earlier. The picture of the all-wheel drive electric vehicle was published on the twitter by the observer Ryan Makkaffri.

Earlier it was supposed that Tesla Model 3 in a two-engined all-wheel drive configuration will appear in the spring of the current year. Such information contained in a model configurator.

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